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Can one vomit own feces?

You have several sphincters - basically, elastic bands that will prevent something through receiving throughout as well as out. Well, Kudos with regard to asking a query I dont discover three times a night....

Your digestive tract from 1 finish (the mouth) towards the various other is approximately 33 feet long....digested food technically becomes feces regarding six feet from your finish opposite your current mouth....I'm afraid what has just certainly not feasible to vomit feces - unless (ahem) you put these in your mouth within the 1st place.

About the only factor you can vomit is the stomach contents. An Individual have got 1 with the top the particular stomach (food are just in a position to find in/out whilst you are in the act involving swallowing/vomiting), the one way valve in the underside with the stomach - consequently when your meals are inside the small intestine, the only real means its coming out is via door number 2) - and then the last one is the anal sphincter.....and well, you most likely understand enough with regards to any certain one anyhow.

Edit: I analyzed what Alpla wrote with regards to bowel obstruction - apparently I had been miseducated, and furthermore you most certainly can vomit feces in the case involving complete bowel obstruction.

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